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Privacy Pricy

[1] Disclaimer

Kohsai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) accepts no responsibility for impairment caused or induced by information provided through this service, impact from use of this information, the legality or morality of the information itself, or copyright approval or accuracy.
In addition, the Company bears no obligation to indemnify for any damages caused by delayed or undelivered e-mails or any other causes due to failure of the Direct Sale distribution system.
We conduct voluntary requests for materials for the contents posted on this site, and take no responsibility for any problems that may occur on this website.
Those under the age of 15 subscribing to e-mails should consult with a guardian before registration.

[2] Intellectual Property Rights

The Company retains all ownership of copyright and other intellectual property rights concerning the layout, design, structure, system, and other elements of this website.
The name and content of each page posted on this website constitute branding or trademarks of the Company.
Duplication, reproduction, public transmission, etc. of these without permission from the Company is prohibited.
Users agree not to copy, publish, transmit, distribute, transfer, lend, translate, adapt, license, reprint, or reuse the services or the contents contained therein, except with the prior written consent of the Company's site, affiliates, and advertisers.
Further, if a user violates this clause, the users agrees in advance that the Company holds the right of injunction against copying, publishing, transmitting, distributing, transferring, lending, translating, adapting, licensing use, reprinting, and use of reused materials for the content in question, individual data, or data aggregates. The user also agrees that the Company holds the right to make claims against the user for the amount of profit gained through these acts.

Protection of Personal Information

Kohsai Co., Ltd. pays the utmost attention to the privacy and personal information of its customers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “personal information").
We believe that protecting your personal information is our social responsibility.
In order to responsibly protect our customers' personal information, we have established the following regarding the protection of personal information, and have established an internal system, implemented and maintained measures, and are continuously improving these.

Approach to Personal Information

We enforce a set of protection of personal data standards for websites operated by the company.
Our approach to personal information on the Internet is as follows.

[1] Regarding Collection of Customer Personal Information

Kohsai Co., Ltd. may request a customer's personal information in order for them to use our services.
As a general rule, we do not collect personal information from our customers without their permission.
When being provided personal information from customers, we clarify the purpose of use and/or provision before collection.
(However, please note that some services may not be available without provision of personal information.)

[2] Regarding Usage of Customer Personal Information

Usage is limited to within the scope of the purpose specified in advance to the customer.
If there is a need for use of a customer’s personal information beyond the purpose stated on collection of personal information, the customer will be informed to that effect

[3] Regarding Provision of Customer Personal Information to Third Parties: The personal information collected by the company from the customer will not be provided to third parties except in the following cases.

(1) When the prior agreement/consent of the customer has been obtained.
(2) When necessary for settlement or delivery of goods related to product orders, etc.
(3) When responding to inquiries from customers or in after-sales services related to purchased products/services.
(4) Other cases where provision is required by laws and/or regulations.

[4] For companies and other entities providing personal information per (3) above, the company will contractually obligate said entities to properly manage the customer's personal information in the same way as the company.

[5] The company may send information on products/services (either by the company or its affiliates) considered useful for customers currently or in the future by e-mail or direct mail to said customers.
The customer may request that such e-mail or direct mail communications be stopped.

[6] The company appropriately and strictly manages personal information collected from customers, and takes preventative and safety measures to stop unauthorized access to the customer's personal information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information.

[7] If a customer wishes for disclosure of their personal information registered with the company, information shall be disclosed after the requesting party is confirmed to be the customer in question in accordance with prescribed procedures.
If disclosure reveals that the content registered is incorrect in some way, we will correct these.

[8] The company will endeavor to operate its business in accordance with laws and regulations and other norms regarding personal information protection.

[9] The company will endeavor to continually improve the protection and handling of personal information.

Request to Customers

We cannot be held responsible for ensuring the security of your personal information on websites linked to this one but not operated by the company.
We recommend that customers inspect the content of handling standards for personal information protection (this may be called one of a number of things, including “Personal Information Protection Policy” or “Privacy,” but will often include words like “personal information” and “privacy”) on websites other than those operated by the company. If such standards are not present, we recommend directly confirming with the department/personnel responsible for the website in question to check the safety of your personal information.

For Personal Information-related Queries

Kohsai Co., Ltd. Personal Information Manager
TEL: 0551-28-4181 (Switchboard)
Inquiries Accepted: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays, summer holidays, and New Year holidays)
9:30AM - 5:30PM (Japan Standard Time)