To always findthe next way forward


Kohsai’s Treasured Beliefs

The place we call home is Yamanashi Prefecture.
It’s famed for its jewels, and so we take great pride in our work.

The quality only we can produce.
The texture that can only be borne of our hands.
We set our keen eyes on what cannot be seen to craft the extraordinary.

Mindfulness of the skin.
Creativity in crafting each scene of life.
We take on each conceivable aspect in our work, including these,
in expanding the realm of what is possible.

This is the work we love, and our passion pushes us to always keep
ahead of our customer's expectations, and to always deliver new value.
We strive forward every day with this thought in our heart.

Our cherished mindset

To always find
the next way forward.

There is never one single answer,
but limitless possibility.
We are always looking for the next step,
and for the next solution.

Our oath

To seek out
new problems,
and their solutions.

We will conceive of new ideas flexibly, without being bound by the constraints of common sense.
We will constantly look for new opportunities.
We will expand our horizons, learning new lessons day in and day out, and we will grow as a result.
We will treasure teamwork, cooperating together tirelessly,
not in fear of failure, but knowing it is a signpost to success.