To always findthe next way forward

To always find
the next way forward.

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To always find
the next way forward.

There is never a single solution,
but limitless possibility.
The challenges ahead of us are never-ending.
We are always looking for the next step,
and for the next solution.

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About Us


Craftsmanship that is
Fair and Brings Value

Kohsai-manufactured jewelry and jewelry parts employ
a combination of masterful craftsmanship techniques and state-of-the-art
machining techniques in pursuit of both quality and quantity.

Product Information


From a Leading Jewelry
Industry Firm

We harness our technological strength, a fusion of handmade and machining techniques,
plus our inhouse factory based domestically in Japan to maintain complete control
over all aspects of production: from quality, to finishing, to flexibly responding to
customer demand, and even to mass production.
We strive to improve the usability and reliability of our products as a technical jewelry company.



Our Service to People, Society,
and the Earth

What contributions can we make through our business?
As a publicly-listed company, and as a top-class jewelry company in Japan,
we are constantly thinking of and acting on ideas of how to serve people, society, and the planet.

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Building the Future of
Jewelry, Together

The core concept in our recruitment process is people who turn dreams into value.
A Kohsai candidate should take the desires of the customer and incorporate
our own vision to the mix in pursuit of added value.
They take these and build the concrete next step, generating new value.
These are the kind of people we want to work alongside.

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